Global foreign exchange trading service provider

BaileyHenry is a global, high-growth, award-winning technology company,We operate a transparent and fair trading environment for all market participants,As one of the Australia’s fastest-growing financial technology companies,we have stable clients and service officers in the world’s major foreign exchange markets.We hope that we can provide a stable, open and transparent financial trading environment for all market participants.

Under the supervision of ASIC

BaileyHenry is a derivatives broker regulated by ASIC, providing brokers and institutional clients with professional interbank clearing.

The trading clients who enter the market through us have the same fair and open trading environment regardless of status, scale or activity level.

Our technical advantages

  • Provide CURRENEX trading system, a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Street Bank
  • Professional inter-bank trading system INTEGRAL system
  • 100% bank transaction system stability
  • Achieved 99.9% turnover
  • Transaction latency below 3 milliseconds on average
  • Orders cannot be deleted or modified at all

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